Job Stewards




Below are photos of the dedicated men and women who put in their time,
energy and effort to represent you as the job stewards of Local 365.


Travis Grizzle
Combined Cycle Steward
John Sevier

James Clayton
Instrument Mechanic Steward

LeeAnne Bedford
CCDO Steward

Jeffrey Daniels
Electrician Steward

Patrick Foust
Chief Steward

Sean Cash

 Operations Bull Run


Photo Coming Soon

Shaun T. Stout

Chief Steward Hydro 





A Short History of American Labor

The Objects of the IBEW

IBEW LU 365 Stewards Training

Steward Information Form to International Office

IBEW Grievance Process at TVA

Preparing A Grievance

Checklist for Preparation for Grievance Meetings

Elements Worksheet

Witness Fact Sheet-IBEW

Information Request Form

PHR Request

Medical Release Form

Grievance Extension Form

Exhibit Control Sheet

Settlement Agreement Union


General Agreement & ROS&E MOU Attachments

Veterans Handbook

Just the Facts Chart

IBEW Obligation Form

Payroll Deduction Form

W9 Reporting Form

Reimbursement Forms LU 365

365 Lost Time Voucher

365 Travel Expense Report Daily Report

365 Travel Voucher Itemized


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