Building America Back Better Biden’s Agenda is Working for the IBEW

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

Attached is the latest Installment of the monthly newsletter that has been initiated to keep members informed about the new presidential administration. Please read and circulate it to the general membership. Every day, President Biden recognizes the primacy of American workers, collective bargaining rights and the labor movement. Whether he is expressing his support for a historic organizing campaign or appointing union members as key personnel in his administration, never before has a president been so public in their support of the values that the IBEW holds dear.

Communications to Members Election 2020

As you know the political season is in high gear. As usual we have been released and are reaching out to IBEW members to share information gathered by our International concerning candidate positions on our issues. Attached you will find information to be used in mailing to all registered voting IBEW members. The first attachment which is info concerning comments and positions of candidate Joe Biden on our industries issues. These are for members to review and research for themselves. The others are letters to members of each branch of the IBEW tailored more to their specific industry. Currently they are signed by the Tenth District Political Team. We ask that you review the letter tailored to your branch to see if there is anything to be added to more effectively reach our members. Also, please print and sign the letters on your Local’s letterhead.

Thank You,

Quentin Tanner

International Representative

10th District, IBEW

September Meeting

Nominations where on September 1st 2020 7:00 PM.

All offices where filled and unopposed and their will be no ballots sent out and no election needed in October 6th 2020.

President:  Jeff Daniel

VP: Paul Proffitt

Recording Sec. : Tim Lawson

Financial Sec. : JR Cox

Treasure: Roger Mustard ll

E Board:

President :Sean Cash

Chris Williams

Travis Grizzell

David Darnell

Danny Melton

Darryl Pittman

Bob Snodgrass

Alternate for eboard :

Toni Morrissette

Delegates for IEC 2021 :

Sean Cash, Jeff Daniel

Alternate : Toni Morrissette

All terms will end in July 2023.


Pension Reform Legislation

To All:

Please see the attached information pertaining to the Alexander-Grassley White Paper legislation coming out of the U.S. Senate. Many of you have been on the conference calls leading up to this email, I will be contacting each of you via phone to discuss further in depth the plan-of-action moving forward.

We are all aware that the Butch-Lewis Act was passed by the House and has been sitting on Mitch McConnel’s desk since July, a bipartisan bill that would help in fixing the plans in jeopardy and leave plans such as ours alone. This Alexander-Grassley plan from the Senate is simply aimed at breaking the Unions and a way for them to get their greedy hands on OUR money.

Here is a link to President Stephenson’s video on the website, please post it on your website and social media page.
Thank You,

Quentin Tanner

State Political Coordinator – Tennessee


Please see the following Documents pertaining to Pension Reform Legislation.

Multiemployer Pension Recapitalization and Reform Plan Message Guidance

Protect Pension Plans Flier

Senate Phone Script

Senate Talking Points

TN – Lamar Alexander Contact Info

TN – Marsha Blackburn Contact Info