Pension Reform Legislation

To All:

Please see the attached information pertaining to the Alexander-Grassley White Paper legislation coming out of the U.S. Senate. Many of you have been on the conference calls leading up to this email, I will be contacting each of you via phone to discuss further in depth the plan-of-action moving forward.

We are all aware that the Butch-Lewis Act was passed by the House and has been sitting on Mitch McConnel’s desk since July, a bipartisan bill that would help in fixing the plans in jeopardy and leave plans such as ours alone. This Alexander-Grassley plan from the Senate is simply aimed at breaking the Unions and a way for them to get their greedy hands on OUR money.

Here is a link to President Stephenson’s video on the website, please post it on your website and social media page.
Thank You,

Quentin Tanner

State Political Coordinator – Tennessee


Please see the following Documents pertaining to Pension Reform Legislation.

Multiemployer Pension Recapitalization and Reform Plan Message Guidance

Protect Pension Plans Flier

Senate Phone Script

Senate Talking Points

TN – Lamar Alexander Contact Info

TN – Marsha Blackburn Contact Info